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After obtaining my BFA in Graphic Design at the School of Visual Arts, I worked in the Art Department at some of the top publishing houses in New York City designing a vast and varied number of book covers.
At a young age, I developed a passion for the art of collage. Today my work is a reflection of that passion, melded with the graphic arts skills I honed during my tenure in publishing. My education and work experience as a graphic designer have come together on the canvas in the form of Collage Portraiture.
The portraits bring life to photographic history, each piece with its own narrative; trying to the tell the story of the person behind the image. It can represent a link to a family’s past and provide a visual legacy for its future.
My commissions have included wedding portraits, pets, beloved automobiles and even a place of birth which holds a special meaning. I am constantly on the prowl for beautiful images in need of narration, and stories that need to be shared.
I live in Los Angeles with my two daughters.

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